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Time until Paris Grain Day

26 January 2017 (Paris)

About Paris Grain Day 2017

The Paris Grain Day is the new event of the international agricultural agenda. The ambition is to make a major yearly contribution to the European grain industry. The stated objectives of the PGD are to gather high profile members of the grains profession and offer them comfortable networking conditions in providing prime quality materials & information connected to their core business.

To achieve that goal, the conference will be spread over 2 days in the Intercontinental Marceau Hotel, Paris. In the evening of the 26th of January, the opening cocktail will allow participants to meet each other and start discussing business issues. During the conference on the day after, the key drivers impacting the Ag prices will be analyzed. The focus will be on 2017’s harvest with a proactive exchange of ideas between speakers and guests. The outcome of the dynamic various plenary sessions, round tables or talks, will allow the determination of a bullish or bearish ParisGrainDay consensus/trend.

By the end of the day, take the opportunity of a last drink to end discussions about the market.

See you in Paris!


Director of market risks - Tereos -

Kim Benni is a disciplined and entrepreneurial risk manager & trader with 8 years of experience in commodities and a solid understanding of global grain & energy markets. Skilled in developing and executing effective hedging strategies, including cross-commodity arbitrage and volatility trading. Deeply committed to the belief that efficient processes and accurate risk management are the keys to successfully generate superior risk-adjusted returns over the business cycle.

Head of Trading - Groupe Invivo -

After spending 12 years in different positions as a trader and senior manager with Louis-Dreyfus, Stephane Bernhard was involved in its own trading-related projects from 2007 to February 2014. He started in March 2014 as Head Trader of the grains and oilseeds desks of Invivo, the 1st French farming cooperative and one of the leading grains and oilseeds operator in the European Union.

Deputy CEO - Avril Group -

Since 2015, Michel Boucly is managing director of the Avril Group and Sofiproteol. He began his career in seed breeding at Sanofi Group as commercial director, later on as general manager of Rustica Seeds. Michel Boucly joined the Avril Group in 2003 as investment and development director in charge of the management of investment funds. In the following, he became managing CEO of the group in 2010, in charge of sustainable commitment, innovation, and strategy.

Philippe CHALMIN
Founding Chairman - Cyclope -

Philippe Chalmin is professor of economic history at Paris-Dauphine University where he is in charge of the International Affairs Master. He is the founding president of Cyclope, the leading European institute of research on commodity markets which annually publishes the Cyclope report on the economy and world markets. He was appointed in October 2010, President of the Observatory of price and Food Margins for the Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Economy and Finance. He was a member of the Economic Analysis Council to the Prime Minister, the High Council of Biotechnologies and the Council of Voluntary Sales.

Weather Research - Thomson Reuters -

Isaac Hankes is a Weather Research Analyst with Thomson Reuters’ Supply Chain & Commodities team. He leads the forecasting efforts of the Weather Research team focusing on applied short, medium, and long range forecasting. He also conducts research for use in seasonal prediction, and collaborates with other teams (agriculture, energy, etc.) on weather applications. He completed a B.S. in Meteorology from St. Cloud State in 2007 before graduating from the University of Illinois with a M.S. (2009) and Ph.D. (2014) in Atmospheric Science.

Olivier RAEVEL
Head of Commodities - Euronext -

Olivier Raevel is Head of Commodities at Euronext. Olivier is an industry veteran with almost 25 years international experience in global commodities markets. He began his career at Société Générale, where he held various commodities trading roles for over twelve years spent between Paris, London and New York, including as a founding Board member of ICE. Following this, he worked for ABN Amro in London structuring OTC Commodities. He traded energy derivatives during three years at Koch Supply & Trading in Geneva.

Senior Agricultural Economist - Advance Trading -

Larry Shonkwiler is a Senior Agricultural Economist for Advance Trading, Inc.. He is responsible for assessing developments in both the domestic and overseas markets for coarse grains and oilseeds and their implications on corn and soybean merchandising opportunities for midwestern grain storage and handling facilities. He began his career in the Corporate Planning Department of an international grain exporting firm with numerous short-term assignments in Central and South America. His background also includes several years as a Business Analyst for a U.S. regional grain and supply cooperative.

Stefan VOGEL
Head of Agri Commodity Markets - Rabobank -

Stefan Vogel is Head of Agri Commodity Markets Research and Global Sector Strategist, Grain & Oilseeds at Rabobank’s Food & Agribusiness Research (FAR) and Advisory group. He is based in London and joined Rabobank in 2014. Prior to this position Stefan has worked in different agricultural market research and strategy positions, including Head of Economics Department of ADM Germany (former Toepfer International) and Director of Market Research & Business Analytics at Archer Daniels Midland in the US. Stefan also was Vice President of the European Grain Trading association and a member of the EU Commission’s Expert Group on Agricultural Commodity Derivatives and Spot Markets.


One event, two major highlights !

  • Thursday26/01/2017
  • Friday27/01/2017
07:30 PM

Welcome Cocktail

8:30 AM

Welcome Coffee

9:00 AM

Introduction by Agritel CEO

9:30 AM

Macroeconomy Conference

10:10 AM

Coffee Break

10:40 AM

Funds Conference

11:15 AM

Quantitative Debate

11:45 AM

Hedging tools Conference

12:15 PM


1:55 PM

Weather market Conference

2:20 PM

Cereals Round-table

3:30 PM

Coffee Break

4:00 PM

Oilseeds Round-table

5:30 PM

The Last Word



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The Paris Grain Day 2017 is associated with the JMP (Journées Matieres Premieres), an event organised by the AFTAA. The AFTAA is the French association of animal production and nutrition.

The JMP conference day will be held on January 26th, 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel, Avenue Marceau, in Paris. At this occasion, various experts will discuss perspectives of the agricultural market.

This day will be hosted by Michel Portier, CEO of Agritel.


Benefit from a group discount: 10 % off for additional registrations



After November 1st

This includes:

  • Welcome cocktail (january 26th)
  • 1 conference entrance (january 27th)
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • Ending cocktail


Place of the conference

64 avenue Marceau
75008 PARIS


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